Build eGov Applications using our common platforms

Our platforms and tools will help government agencies to deliver digital services to citizens and businesses. These platforms will improve the way people interact with government. Currently available platforms as well as those in development are highlighted below.

Available Platforms

Integrate eFaas In Your Applications!

We set up efaas to make it easier for Maldivians, expariates and organisations of Maldives to get things done online securely.

Integrate eFaas

Platforms in Development


Notify is a platform developed for the purpose of facilitating your applications to send and receive notification emails and text messages to its users. Pre-defined and custom templates of your organizations can be used to send notifications.

Error Tracking

Our error tracking platform can be used to manage errors generated by your applications. This will help identify and debug errors faster, increasing performance of your applications and provide better service to your clients.

File Storage

Our file storage platform service will handle the task of storing, retrieving and editing files generated by your application. Make this task effortless and less complicated with a simple integration. It will also take care of security of your files.


Integrate your applications with our reporting platform to provide a complete solution for your data management and reporting needs. It will provide features like creating customized dashboard and customized reports.